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CORE 120: Engaging the Bible: Spring 2024: ATLA Scripture Index


Use the ATLA Scripture Index to find full text peer reviewed (scholarly) articles on the Bible passage you have selected for your assignment.

Follow these steps: 

1) Go to the library home page ( Click on EBSCO button on the right side of the page. Login using you Goshen College email address and password.









2) In EBSCO, click on ATLA Religion Database with AtlaSerials










3) In ATLA, click on the Scriptures link at the top of the page.

4) Navigate to the book of the Bible you are interested in and click the expand link to narrow down the articles you get to just those that cover a specific chapter or verse in the Bible.


5) Click through the link on the verse or chapter and you will return to the search function in ATLA with a ability to narrow your search to that verse.