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RESERVES: Spring 2017: Class List

Class List

ART: Topics & Issues

ART 205: Figure Drawing/ Randy Horst

ASL 102: Flickinger

ASL 210: Slabaugh

COMM 290/Radio Operations: Samuel

CORE 106/Barnett

The following books are on reserve at the front desk:

Gibbons, K. (1987).  ELLEN FOSTER.

Patel, E. (2007).  ACTS OF FAITH.

Tidwell, M. (1990). THE PONDS OF KALAMBAYI.

CORE 192/War Peace and Nonresistance: Liechty

COSC 270/370/Shown

Core 300/Beth Martin Birky

COSC 410/Shown

EDUC 304:Social Studies Methods/ Yoder

EDUC 307: Children and Adolescent Literature/Karen Yoder


The following books are on reserve at the front desk in the library.

Anderson, Laurie Halse. Speak

Avi. Nothing But the Truth

Bang, Molly.  Ten, Nine, Eight

Becker, Aaron.  Journey

Bridges, Ruby.  Through My Eyes

Creech, Sharon.  Walk Two Moons

Falconer, Ian.  Olivia

Franco, Betsy.  Zero is the leaves on the tree

Freedman, Russell.  Eleanor Roosevelt.

Frost, Helen.  Salt

Haddon, Mark  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

Hamanaka, Sheila.  All the Colors of the Earth

Hesse, Karen.  Out of the Dust

Hoose, Phillip.  Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice

Konigsburg, E. L. Silent to the Bone.

Koss, Amy Goldman. The Girls

Hughes, Langston.  The Dream Keeper

Johnson, Angela.  The First Part Last

Katz, Karen.  The Colors of Us

Ladwig, Tim, Illustrator.  Psalm Twenty-Three

Lai, Thanhha.  Inside Out and Back Again

Levine, Ellen.  Henry’s Freedom Box

Lobel, Arnold.  Frog and Toad Together

Lowry, Lois.  Number the Stars*

McCormick, Patricia  Cut  or Sold

Mull, Brandon.  Fablehaven

Myers, Walter Dean. Monster

Palacio, R.J. Wonder

Paterson, Katherine. The Great Gilly Hopkins

Pinkney, Andrea Davis. Let It Shine: Stories of Black Women Freedom Fighters

Pinkney, Jerry.  The Lion and the Mouse

Rocco, John.  Blackout

Rowell, Rainbow.  Eleanor and Park

Ryan, Pam Munoz  Riding Freedom

Schmidt, Gary.  Orbiting Jupiter

Sloan, Holly Goldberg. Counting by 7s

Stead, Rebecca.  When You Reach Me

Tan, Shaun.  The Arrival

Wein, Elizabeth.  Rose Under Fire

Williams-Garcia, Rita.  One Crazy Summer*

Zevin, Gabrielle. Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac


EDUC 344:Beebe

EDUC 406: Literacy II/ Karen Yoder

The following books are on reserve at the front desk in the library.

Hesse, K. (1999) Just Juice. (Paperback)

Fountas & Pinnell. ((1996). Guided Reading. [2 copies]


ENGL 315/Schlabach


Hinojosa, Felipe. (2014). LATINO MENNONITES. On reserve at the front desk.

Hinojosa, Felipe. (2014). Latino Mennonites-- Access here:

Shearer, TM. (2010) DAILY DEMONSTRATORS  [2 copies]

Jesus at the Movies/Brant

These DVDs are on reserve at the front desk:

Greatest Story Every Told

The Last Temptation of Christ

The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ

The Nativity Story

Son of Man

Math 212/Calculus II: Housman

Math 390/Problem Solving Seminar: Housman

Math 411:Housman

Berlinghoff, WP & Gouvea, FQ. (2002). MATH THROUGH THE AGES (2 copies)

On reserve at the front desk

MUS 311: Brubaker

Bell, Good, Harper, Kendrick, MacMillan, Panufnik. (2003). COMPOSING MUSIC FOR WORSHIP.

Hawn CM. (2003). GATHER INTO ONE.

Westermeyer, P. (1998). TE DEUM.

On reserve at the front desk.

NURS 405: Mental Health/Moyer

PJCS 350/Liechty

Soc 260/ Human Sexuality: Miller

SOWK 325: Liechty


Greene, RR & Kropf, N. (2009). HUMAN BEHAVIOR THEORY.

On reserve at the front desk.