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TurnItIn: TurnItIn App

TurnItIn App

Use the Turnitin App to grade assignments via your iPad!

TurnItIn App Setup

Setting up the Turnitin App for iPad

To set up the Turnitin App you will need an iPad, a computer, and a Turnitin assignment in your class that has an assignment submitted.

You will need to complete these steps one time per class.  If you include both Turnitin & Turnitin/Mahara assignments, you will need to complete these steps one time per assignment type for each class. 

  1. On your iPad, go to the Apple Store and download the Turnitin App.  
  2. When the app has finished installing, tap on it to open
  3. You will be asked a series of questions
    1. “Which Turnitin service do you use?” – Select Turnitin
    2.  “How do you usually access Turnitin?” – Select Integrated LMS
  4. Hit Continue

  5. On a computer, go to your course in Moodle.
  6. Click the name of a Turnitin Assignment that has student work submitted
  7. From the Submission Inbox, click the tiny pencil to the right of the grade to access Feedback Studio

  8. On the right-hand menu in Feedback Studio click the "Information" button:
  9. Click "Generate code:"

  10. Go back to your iPad, and type the code in under “Add a class” and hit Add (it is not case sensitive, and you do not need the spaces).  Note: these are one time use, unique codes. If you need to share one with another user, you will need to generate a 2nd, different code. 

  11. You will be prompted to add a passcode for security
  12. To add more courses, tap the Profile icon in the top right corner: 
  13. Repeat the process until all your courses have been added to the app!

Grading via the TurnItIn App

Accessing assignments:

  1. Under Accounts, select Goshen College
  2. A list of courses you’ve added to the app will appear:
  3. Tap a class to access the assignments for that course.
  4. All your Turnitin assignments for that course should appear.  Select the one you want to grade.
  5. Tap on an assignment to grade. 
  6. Select “Sync Papers” – this downloads all the papers to you iPad, giving you access even when offline (so be sure to download the papers BEFORE you hop on a plane!)
  7. After the papers have synced, tap the assignment again. The paper selected will open. 

Commenting & Grading:

  1. To add comments directly to the paper, tap on the screen.
  2. These options will appear:

    • The checkbox stands for QuickMarks. These are commonly used phrases when grading. 
    • The speech bubble allows you to add a lot of text using only a small amount of space, but students cannot view these comments on the iPad. 
    • The "T" is for “Text.” These comments can be viewed by students on iPad, but take up more space than the bubble comments. 
  3. Type your comment then tap elsewhere on to save
  4. To delete or edit, tap the comment and select the trashcan icon

  5. To add general comments on the whole paper, click the edit pencil in the top right hand corner.  (Note: Once you have graded the paper, the icon changes from a pencil to the grade). 

  6. To record a grade, click Edit Grade and type the grade into the pop up box
  7. To save, tap elsewhere on the screen
  8. The grade & comments sync automatically to Moodle!
  9. To get to the next paper, click back (top left), then Assignment (top left), and select the next paper from the list. 

Note:  For students who did not submit an assignment, you will need to go into your Moodle grade book and manually enter a zero.