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OLD Zotero Citation Management Tool: Citing Sources

Adding Citations

Zotero allows you to collect and organize all of your references and quickly add in-text citations to your Microsoft Word / LibreOffice documents. You can also drag and drop your references into any word processor, an email message, a Google doc, or a blog post to automatically create bibliographies on the fly.

Microsoft Word / LibreOffice / Zotero Integrations:
Depending on which word processor you use, you will need to install the Microsoft Word or LibreOffice/ Add-in from the Cite pane of the Zotero preferences (Actions icon > Preferences > Cite).  Using Microsoft Word, click on the Add-Ins tab to view the Zotero Custom Toolbar.

Zotero Word Integration

To insert an in-text citation from your Zotero references into your document:

  • Click the "Insert a Citation" button located on the upper right side of your word processing document; Zotero will automatically open as red field within which you can search for a resource to cite.
  • Choose the bibliographic citation style you would like to use
  • Next, type in the item from your library that you would like to cite and press enter
  • Then click on the citation to add the page number; click OK

Zotero will insert the reference according to the citation style you have designated.  Click OK and all of the items you've selected and their respective page numbers will be appear in the context of your document, as seen below.

multiple citation