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Social media, movies, weather, and other ways the iPad can enhance your day to day life.


This page is dedicated to apps you will use outside of the classroom: social media, traveling, weather, budgeting, and more.  Have suggestions? Use the form to tell us what apps you use in your everyday life!


Chase - Free
If you use Chase, this app will find local ATMs, and let you deposit checks. Not a Chase user? Lots of banks and credit unions have apps available! Search the name of your bank in the App Store to see if there is one for your bank.


Interra SS Interra Credit Union - Free
Check your Interra account on your iPad!
Mint SS

Mint - Free
Worried about your budget? Sync Mint with your accounts to track how much you're spending and saving.  


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IMO ss

IMO - Free
Sign into multiple chat services simultaneously.  Supports MSN, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Skype and more.  

Skype SS

Skype - Free
Video chat with your contacts

Talkatone SS Talkatone - Free
Call and text for free through a Google voice account.  
Voxer ss

Voxer - Free
Turn your iPad into a walkie-talkie!   


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AroundMe Ss

AroundMe - Free
Click a category and see what's available in the local area. 

urban spoon SS

Urban Spoon - Free
Not sure where to each for dinner?  Use the Urban Spoon spinner to help you decide! 

Yelp SS

Yelp - Free
Get ratings on everything from restaurants to dentists.  


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Angry Birds SS

Angry Birds - Free (full version is 2.99)
Shoot the Angry Birds out of a slingshot to pass levels. 

Draw something SS

Draw Something - Free (full version is 2.99)
Play this addictive Pictionary-like game with your friends. Can you draw Mick Jagger?  

Words with Friends - Free (4.99 for ad free)
Hone your anagramming skills as you play your friends in this Scrabble-esque game.  

Zombie Highway SS Zombie Highway Lite - Free (full version is 99 cents)
Brave the zombie apocalypse!

If you're done studying and want to explore more games, check out this list of 50 Best iPad Games from PC Magazine. 

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Knot Guide SS

Knot Guide - 1.99   
You just never know when you'll need to tie a knot. With this app, you'll be prepared to tie over 100 different types.  

Pirates SS

Pirates of the Black Cove: 1001 Pirate Jokes - Free
What was the pirate's favorite GC Core Value?  Sarrrrrrrrvent leadership! Check out real (and better) pirate jokes in this app.  Or, if cats are more your thing, don't worry, there's an app for that too. 

Insulter SS

Shakespearean Insult Creator - Free
Struggling to come up with the perfect insult? Get some inspiration from the Bard with this app.  


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Kahn SS

Khan Academy - Free
Over 3,000 educational videos on a huge variety of topics. 

Free Books SS Free books - Free
Read classic works on your iPad, for free.  
Smithsonian SS Smithsonian Channel for iPad - Free
Learn via the Smithsonian Channel's huge video library 
Ted SS Ted - Free
Watch the entire collection of TedTalk videos through the iPad app. 
Vid Science SS

Video Science - Free
Over 80 science lessons on basic concepts

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Crackle - Free
Free movies and television shows. 

Fandango SS

Fandango - Free
Find out what's playing in nearby movie theaters.

Flickster SS

Flickster - Free
Wondering if that movie is any good?  Flickster will tell you what people think! 

IMDB - Free
Handy reference to all things movies and television.  

Netflix - Free
While the app is free, you need to subscribe to the streaming service to access the Netflix collection on your iPad.  

Redbox - Free
Use the app to locate Redbox kiosks, see what's available, and reserve movies for pick-up.     


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I heart radio SS

I Heart Radio - Free  
Listen to live radio stations from anywhere, or create your own channels  

Pandora SS

Pandora - Free
Create a channel by picking a favorite artist, and Pandora will play songs by similar artists.  

Shazam SS Shazam - Free
Hear a song on the radio, but can't remember the name? Use Shazam to identify songs! 

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Leafsnap - Free
Take an image of a leaf, and this app will identify it!  Download sister application Dogsnap to do the same with puppies.  

National Parks SS

National Parks by National Geographic - Free
Explore 20 national parks on your iPad! 

Starwalk SS

Star Walk - 2.99
Point this app at the sky and identify constellations. 


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BBC News - Free
International news 


CNN - Free
Headlines and video from CNN.

Daily Show SS

Daily Show: Headlines - Free
Miss an episode? Watch clips from the Daily Show with this app.  

Flipboard SS

Flipboard - Free
Follow all the news in one place, magazine style.  


NPR - Free
Also check out the NPR Music app! 

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Adobe Photoshop Express - Free
Snap and crop and share your photos 

Instagram - Free
Add filters to your photos 


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MyFitPal SS

MyFitnessPal - Free
Keep a log of your foods and workouts.

Simply Yoga - Free
Feeling stressed? This yogo app can help you unwind.  

WebMD Ss

WebMD - Free
Diagnos your ailments with the WebMD app.  

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Naturespace - Free
Relax to sounds of birds chirping, rivers babbling, or a campfire crackling.  

white noise SS

White Noise Box - Free
Block out unwanted noises with this white noise app.


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Facebook - Free
Check your Facebook and keep in touch with friends.

Goodreads SS

Goodreads - Free
An avid reader?  This social network allows you to share book review with friends. 

Pinterest SS

Pinterest - Free
Collect links to crafts, recipes and quotes on virtual pinboards. 

Twitter - Free
Send short updates to your followers. 


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GoodGuide - Free
Scan barcodes to ensure you are buying from a socially responsible company.

iRecycle - Free
Locate the nearest place to recycle each type of material.  Includes maps and contact information.  

PaperKarma - Free
An app that solves your junk mail problem! Take an image and click "unsubscribe," the app will do the rest. 

Zero Carbon - Free
Calculate your carbon footprint, and find ways to improve your impact on the environment.  


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ESPN ScoreCenter XL - Free
Follow updates, scores, and stats for your favorite sports and teams 

Fox Soccer SS

Fox Soccer2Go - Free
Watch video, and follow your favorite teams and leagues.  

Roto SS

RotoWorld Fantasy News - Free
Play fantasty sports? Stay on top of the latest news with this free app.  


Many teams have their own apps, and many sports have dedicated apps that change each year. Be sure to search for your favorites in the App store. 

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GasBuddy - Free
Never pay extra for gas - use this app to find the cheapest gas in your area.  

Google Translate - Free
Type in text and have it translated. Over 60 languages available.  

Historical Markers

Historical Markers - 1.99
No time to stop and read the historical markers on your road trip?  Look them up when you get home using this app.     

Kayak - Free
Search for flights, car rentals, and hotels.

My TSA ss

MyTSA - Free
This app gives you airport delays, estimates on how long it will take to get through security, and includes a handy "Can I bring" list for your airplane carry-on. 

Trip Advisor SS

Trip Advisor - Free
Search for the best reviewed places to stay, eat, and see.  


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Just Science SS

Just Science - Free
Demonstrates climate change through maps and charts. 

Weather Channel - Free
Track the local weather, view radar, read articles.  

WX radar ss

wxRadar - 99 cents
Learn to be a meteorologist with access to over 150 radar sites. 

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