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Orientation 1 : Clue #1

Stop 1! R is for....

R is for Reference Rabbit: 

Reference is a wonderful thing. Reference sources condense information, giving you a good background on a variety of topics. Everyone uses Wikipedia, right?! The library reference collection is a great place to start your research… but where is it found?

Find the Reference Room and give it a browse - look for the section that has books on your major.  Feel free to pull a book and look inside. 

Your next clue can be found by the Style Guides in the reference room – look for the “Style Guides” sign… and the Reference Rabbit.

QR Code instructions

Are using QR Reader (QR Code Reader by Scan) and wondering how to close the link and scan the next code? 

Look for the "X" button in the top right hand corner of the screen.  This will take you back to the main page where you can touch the camera icon to scan the next code. 

Reference Rabbit

Name: Reference Rabbit

Occupation: Providing basic information on a huge variety of topics

Favorite book: Peter Cottontail

Favorite rapper: Sir Hops a Lot