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EBSCO logoEBSCO (EBSCO Host) is a collection of databases containing peer review articles. Peer review articles are scholarly and academic sources which:

  • Are written by and for faculty, researchers or scholars (chemists, historians, doctors, artists, etc.)
  • Use scholarly or technical language
  • Articles tend to be long and detailed, about research in a particular academic discipline
  • Include full citations for sources
  • Are often refereed or peer-reviewed
  • Include information about the authors
  • Are published by academic organizations
  • Note: book reviews and editorials are not considered scholarly articles, even when found in scholarly journals

Aarow pointing to EBSCO button on library homepage

EBSCO Host peer review articles are organized by subject area. Here are a few key databases:

  • Academic Search Premier: multi-disciplinary
  • Business Source Complete: business
  • CINAHL with Full Text: nursing
  • MLA International Bibliography: English
  • PsycARTICLES: psychology

EBSCO Host is a great place for college level research after you have your background information. Articles not available "full-text" in EBSCO can be obtained through interlibrary loan free of charge.

Searching CREDO Reference

When searching in EBSCO Host it is best to search three to five terms, instead of a whole research question. Instead of searching

Why are polar bears endangered?

instead search

polar bears

AND endangered

AND causes or reasons or factors

Using the AND button combines search terms so that each result contains all of the terms. Using OR in a search combines search terms so that each result contains at least one of the terms.