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CORE 110: Academic Voice (Barnett): Articles & More

Types of journals & magazines

Scholarly/peer-reviewed journals are frequently required for academic projects. Many databases allow you to limit your search to these journals.

Some other journals and magazines aren't scholarly/peer reviewed but are generally respected and are acceptable for this paper. However, there is no way to limit your searches to only these types of sources.

Here are just a few of these sources that provide credible news, commentary, interviews and/or informed treatment of issues. These sources have a range of political and editorial biases, so when in doubt, always ask your professor if a particular source is acceptable for your assignment.

Books & Culture
Business Week
Christian Century
Christian Science Monitor 
Christianity Today
Chronicle of Higher Education

National Geographic
New Republic
New Yorker
Rolling Stone 
Science News
Scientific American
U.S. News & World Report
and more...

Topical database groupings

These EBSCO databases contain both peer-reviewed and popular sources. When you click on one of these topical areas, you will get a list of databases. Select ALL and Continue.

Good Library Article Search

Search for articles at Good Library:


Option: Advanced Search

CQ Researcher


Statistical Sources

For links to sources of statistical and demographic data on a variety of topics, use our Statistics Research Guide.