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PJCS 332: Religion, Conflict, and Peace (Joe Liechty): Finding Books and Articles

Finding a book on your topic hints and tips

Use the Library Catalog Search box to the right [This is the same search box on the website]

  • Limit your result to just books [you will see the limiters on the left side of the page]
  • Suggestion: it might be a good idea to focus on books that in the library.  You can limit your books to just those items in the library using the limiters to the left OR you can use the "In the Library" search found on the homepage of the library.
  • Suggestion: Try to get books that are at least 2-3 years old or older.  Why? A brand new book will not have a lot of substaintial reviews pusblished yet.   


Good Library Search

Search for an item at Good Library:


Option: Advanced Search

Finding a Comparative Book and peer-review articles Hints and Tips

Once you find a book you want to use, finding a comparative book and peer review articles is farily easy.

1) Look up your book in the catalog

2) Look at the catalog entry for your book.  Click on Description. Look for the "Subjects".  Most of the books and articles in our catalog have been assigned subjects.  Clicking on a subject will bring up other books and articles on that subject.  [Note: Now is a good time to consult the :Other Suggestions" list below.] 

 Also, see if your book has a list of references in the back.  You can often find other books and articles by consulting this list.


Other Suggestions:

  • when you click on a subject, limit your results to peer-reviewed (works well with articles
  • sort by Relevance not Library and Relevance (use this when you can get items through Inter Library Loan)  
  • do not be afraid of Inter Library Loan.  It is easy to do.  Just click the Request Item link in the record.