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How to Make a Tutoring Appointment


First, remember that tutors are busy students too!

  • Please make your tutoring appointment at least one hour before the time you want. We can't guarantee the tutor will meet you with less than an hour's notice.
  • If you can't go, please cancel your appointment (by deleting it from your calendar).


Next, click on the time slot you want.

  • Available tutoring appoints will appear as gray slots on your own Google Calendar.
  • If the time you want isn't there, it means someone else has scheduled for that time, and it's no longer available.


Click again on the time slot you want.

  • If more than one subject is offered for tutoring in that time slot, please write which class you want in the "Description" box.


Click save. This is important!

  • Clicking save notifies tutors that they have an appointment. No save = no tutor.


Great! You have a tutoring appointment!

  • Meet tutors for Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, or Psychology in the lobby of the Science Building by the Turkey.
  • Meet tutors for Writing and all other subjects in the Academic Success Center in the library.
  • Please be on time. Tutors will wait no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Come prepared. Bring your books, notes, paper, iPad, and your questions.


Can't find the class you want or an open time?

  • Talk with your instructor or visit them during office hours.
  • Email Judy Weaver at If we hear from at least three students who want tutoring in your class, we'll find you a tutor.

Select a subject to see a list of available appointment times.

Please schedule appointments at least an hour in advance!
Refrence Desk - No Appointment Necessary
Math Study Sessions - No Appointment Necessary
Mary O'Connell
Lydia Kelsey
Stephanie Dilbone
Katie Yoder
Siana Emery
Sara Azzuni
Isaiah Kaufman
Roxy Gehring
Bridgette Webb
Andre Buller
Abby King
Cailin Smith
Connor Clemens
Olivia Wenger
Elsa Lantz
Ming Woo
Rudi Mucaj
Mikol Aspinwall
Tanner Engle