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SOWK 224: Introduction to Social Work (Yoder 2016): Home

Finding a Social Work Pioneer

Electronic Sources


Print Sources (in the library)

Finding Additional Sources

Find sources for your presentation

  1. Check your existing source for sources it cites.
  2. Search for your pioneer on Wikipedia and look at the sources that article cites.
  3. Search the library catalog for your pioneer’s name for additional resources.

    Tip: Set the 'Sort by' option to the left of catalog search results to 'Relevance Only'. Even if the library doesn’t have a copy of a book or article you find, you can still request it through interlibrary loan and have it in about a week.
    Select 'Relevance Only' from the 'Sort by' menu in catalog search results to make it easy to find books and articles the library can borrow for you from other libraries.