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Core 100 Library Workshop: Publication Types

Information for the Moodle course Core 100 Library Workshop

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Question 1: The image is from the first page of an article.  Based on the information about the authors chose which of the following best fits: Trade, Professional, Technical; Substantial News/General Interest; or Scholarly.

Question 2: Which of the following best describes who is mostly likely to read The Atlantic? Trade, Professional, Technical: People working in a particular field or industry; Substantial News/General Interest: Generally educated audience; or Scholarly: Scholars, researchers, professors, upper-level graduate students

Question 3: American String Teacher is a journal published by the American String Teachers Association.  Based on this information which of the following best describes the type of source? Trade, Professional, Technical: Usually a professional association; Substantial News/General Interest: Commercial enterprises (for profit); or Scholarly: Often a professional organization/society or university press.